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Chiddingfold F.C.

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Chiddingfold  F.C. Under 12's 2001-02Malcolm Ward's Team

Chiddingfold F.C. Under 13's  2002-03 Malcolm Ward's Team

Chiddingfold F.C. Under 15's  2004-05 Malcolm Ward's Team

Chiddingfold F.C. Under 16's

 2005-06 Malcolm Ward's Team

Chiddingfold F.C. 16's 

 2002-03 Bill Jones Team


still involved. contact me for info

Combat Flight Simulator - Chaps Squadron

still going but planes grounded


Property Fund Raiser

it'll never work but was worth a try


Hi and thanks for dropping by. It had become a bit neglected around here since I first set it up  2001. In fact, it had barely been altered except for a few additional links. So, this is the 2008  model :)

I've kept all the links to the websites that were originally here and added a few more which I hope you will like. As with most of my stuff, everything is work in progress which I guess is just indicative of the times we live in.

Keep smiling :))

I do :))))))))

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Lionel's HQ

You will see from the top of my links that The Green Energy Website is now my prime concern. It will eventually contain information on all types of energy but more than that, it will address the issues of green living in a practical and logical way. I like trees but I do not sleep with them. They are not comfy! And that is how the website is presented. There is little point in forcing people to take on board green energy issues if it does not fulfil their needs. A bit like public transport isn't it. We all know we should use it but what's the point if, a) they come once a day and usually late, b) I still have to walk for ages to get to the bus and then get to where I want to go.

Green energy has the same dilemmas. There is no point in trying to get people to use it if it can not supply the demand. It could, but there are other factors required. Anyway, I'm giving away the plot. Go have a look for your self :)

Talking Out Loud - TOL

I couldn't be arsed to set up a blog site so I just made a webpage where I shout, moan, rage, attack with my own private nuclear arsenal and generally get into Grumpy Old Men mode at TOL.... oh, so that is a blog is it? Click here to see what I've been de-crying of late.

Plaistow, West Sussex

That's where I live and delightful place it is too. I must work on this part of the website a bit more. It is a delightful little village and a quintessential village of old England. The village green, duck-pond, pub and church, it's all there. There's a wealth of olde listed houses and buildings along with the new and most importantly, the folk here are very warm, friendly and welcoming. Well, they put up with me!

What do M.P.'s names advertise?

Whilst working the other day on a website which uses Google Adsense ad's, I stumbled on a slightly bizarre occurrence. Adsense places ad's on a web pages. First, the ad program looks at the text on the page and then places adverts it thinks are relevant to what it reads. Hmmmm! What happens if I place my name? Not a great deal as it happened but then I started to experiment. When I started to put in M.P.'s names it got quite humourous with some terrific results. Gordon Brown's name referred to  a Temporary Job site whilst Gerry Adams showed a site to great IRA growth (only not the IRA you have in mind:)) I am now compiling a full list and if you click here, you can see a few examples to get going with. T's but a bit of fun.