16th Feb 2003. Chiddingfold 6-0 Chertsey Eagles (friendly)

Great result even if Chertsey did only turn up with 10 men. 1-0 at halftime, when unfortunately I had to leave. Chertsey, as you may know, recently beat unbeaten Horsley (top of the league) so it promised to be a good game. Indeed it was, with both teams going well and coming close on several occasions. Eddie, making his debut in goal has shown he's a serious contender for the No1 shirt by keeping a clean sheet. The second half turned into a rout and after much perserverance, JC finally got his first elusive goal,,, yeehaaa :) (and I missed it,, drat!)


2nd Feb. 2003 Onslow Boys 2-2 Chiddingfold (friendly)

Having seen this friendly fixture cancelled once before due to frost, it finally got under way in sunny, windy conditions today. In a fine performance by all of the Chidd lads, Carl scored 2 great goals to earn a 2-2 draw. Bill noted that he was impressed with the way Chidd fought well and true in what was a tough game. This is even more creditable as quite a lot of the squad were unavailable for this fixture and thus shows a good depth of playmanship with the entire squad.

Well done fellas.



Nearly halfway through the season and Chidd are going well. Currently lying 2nd we still have a long way to go and some tough opposition to face, but thus far the season is looking fruitful.


Goal Scorers


 1.09.02            Chiddingfold v Haslemere                      7   -   3

                                (Friendly)                                                         Calvin  -  5


                                                                                                            Richard B

 8.09.02            Chiddingfold v Chertsey                         5   -   4

                                                                                                            Sam  -  2

                                                                                                            Calvin  -  3


15.09.02            Woking v Chiddingfold                         2   -   2

                                                                                                           Calvin x 2


13.10.02            Onslow v Chiddingfold                         1   -  2

                                                                                                          Andy   -  1

                                                                                                          Sam  -  1


20.10.02            Chiddingfold v Horsley                         0   -   4


24.11.02            Chertsey v Chiddingfold                       1   -   5

                                                                                                          Sam  -  2

                                                                                                          Calvin  -  1

                                                                                                          Paul  -  1

                                                                                                          Richard J.  -  1